Accounts Payable & Analytics

Glean empowers you to make smarter spend decisions by analyzing your vendor costs at the line-item level. In addition to providing end-to-end automation that saves you time, discover how we unlock the intelligence in your invoice data to save you money.

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One platform for

all your vendor spend

Track and understand the

drivers of spend — paid through AP or charged to credit cards — all in one place and in real-time.

One-of-a-kind spend analytics

We use machine learning to provide you with contextualized analysis and strategic insights we call "gleans." Don't just get alerted to when monthly invoices are different, understand why.

data entry & workflows

We do all of the work for you.

We process your invoices and automatically generate accounting entries at the line-item level, providing you clear insights and making you faster, smarter, & more efficient at your job.

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Collaborate with 
team members

Use Glean to ask the right questions and get answers quickly. Easily build a culture of spend accountability.

Quick & simple implementation

Getting started is easy. Just set up a forwarding rule and sync your GL.  After, you’ll be on your way to unlock line-item level spend insights that save you time and money.

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Best-in-class spend analytics software

Our spend analytics dashboards, reporting, and tools provide you everything you need to manage vendor spend and make you a smarter finance professional.


“We’ve used several AP solutions, but Glean is

a game changer.  Finally, we have clear visibility into our vendor spend and its drivers, and I love having info on all vendors (AP + credit card) in one place. The instant variance analyses are really helpful too.”


Strategic Finance Director


We empower finance teams to save money and increase spend accountability within their organizations.