Get Intelligent Vendor Spend Management

Glean is the first AP solution built specifically for teams to efficiently manage spend. Automate accounting workflows and identify savings opportunities at the line-item level.

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Discover where money is wasted

Billions of dollars are wasted every year due to poorly-managed vendor spend. Glean unlocks the powerful information detailed in vendor invoices to find where spend is duplicative or erroneous so that you can address it right away.

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Make better spend management decisions

Glean enables you to make better spend management decisions by showcasing big picture trends and surfacing line-item level insights often overlooked by traditional AP solutions. Request a demo to learn more about our line-item level intelligence.

Discover key drivers of spend

Glean processes your invoices and automatically generates accounting entries at the line-item level, providing you clear insights that we call "gleans." Make better spend management decisions when you understand why your vendor costs change over time.

Collaborate with your whole team

Glean enables cross-department, spend management collaboration. Comment on invoices, ask informed questions, quickly get answers, and better manage your company’s spend.

Hold budget owners accountable

Unlock the powerful information detailed in vendor invoices to surface non-intuitive spend insights so that your finance team is empowered to create a culture of spend accountability within your organization. 

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"We’ve used several AP solutions, but Glean is a game changer.  Finally, we have clear visibility into our vendor spend and its drivers, and I love having info on all vendors (AP + credit card) in one place. The instant variance analyses are really helpful too."

Strategic Finance Director 


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We empower finance teams to save money and increase spend accountability within their organizations. 

How to Get Started

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Add Glean to your AP forwarding rule.

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Get insights to improve your vendor spend.

How Glean Works

We process invoices for you

We extract header and line-item data with 99% accuracy.

You get AP trends and analysis in real-time

Understand what’s new & what changed as bills come in, not weeks after books close.


Everything in one place

Purchase orders, contracts, invoices, all in one place. Collaborate with your team and make payments all in one dashboard.


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