Get Big Picture Context on Your Company’s Spend

Glean’s spend intelligence software gives you high-level context to know what your company is spending on and why you’re investing in it. Know where to focus, what to scrutinize, and how to spend your time with Glean.


Create a culture of spend accountability

With drill-down visibility into the drivers of your costs, you’ll be empowered to have more productive conversations with budget owners on how and where they are spending. Create a culture of spend accountability at your organization.

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Increase financial efficiency

Glean makes your finance team smarter by intuitively calling out potential invoice errors, places to cut back, and opportunities to negotiate. Make your team more efficient and better at their jobs with Glean. Request a demo to learn more.

Stop negotiating blind

Glean analyzes each line item to provide you key details, insights, contextualized intelligence and comparisons. Stop negotiating blind when your contracts are up for renewal with both old and new vendors.


Glean is accounts payable with a brain

Incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into your accounts payable processes. Get contextualized analysis and strategic insights we call "gleans." Don't just get alerted to when monthly invoices are different, understand why.



“Glean has greatly simplified our vendor budgeting and bill pay processes. The spend visibility is great and is enabling us to save lots of money.”

VP Finance + Operations


Get a Free Vendor Consultation

Negotiating a vendor contract? Need to sanity-check your current pricing terms?


Tap into our expansive vendor pricing knowledge.


Request a free 30-minute vendor consultation today.

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We empower finance teams to save money and increase spend accountability within their organizations. 

How to Get Started

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Add Glean to your AP forwarding rule.

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Get insights to improve your vendor spend.

How Glean Works

We process invoices for you

We extract header and line-item data with 99% accuracy.

You get AP trends and analysis in real-time

Understand what’s new & what changed as bills come in, not weeks after books close.


Everything in one place

Purchase orders, contracts, invoices, all in one place. Collaborate with your team and make payments all in one dashboard.


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